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Reading “the little match girl” has a sense of
I read “the little girl who matches the match”. I felt a little bit of a fairy tale during this summer vacationTimberland SCHOENEN HerenThere are many interesting stories in this book, &ldquo, &rdquo, the little match girl. In a cold winter, the cold wind made people tremble all over, and on the night before Christmas, a little girl braved the snowstorm to sell matches on the street. &ldquo! Match! Who wants matches? “&rdquo,” cried the little girl pitifully. She had no cotton padded clothes, an old skirt, a tattered scarf round her head, and a pair of slippers on her feet. It made her lose all her strength. The book rolled over page after page, and I looked down and was completely attracted by the plot in the book. At noon she did not sell a match. She walked sadly to the corner of the wall. She continued to strike matches and saw many wonderful things, such as the stove, the roast duck, and her grandmother. They fly away in the phantom and fly to a warm place; … … in the morning they see the little girl frozen to death, but with a happy smile on her face and a burnt match in her hand. In our daily life, we often meet some people who are down and out. Their parents died, helpless, usually even a meal can not eat, very poor, now, every family has a delicious good drink, enjoy delicious food every day, perhaps, the life of good family, have never thought of the poor children is how to spend a day with them, the money is not more than five yuan. I usually also a bit wasteful, mom just bought snacks, not more than one day, I will eat away, even the bones are not left, now, I read this touching story, finally know who is poor and penniless, always hungry in the street begging. After that, I would never take the money again. This story tells us, in the annual happy day, the little girl hungry to sell matches, this situation is so miserable! You know, a happy life is hard wonFitflop Rock Chic BlackTake good care of it.New Fitflop Trakk BlackArticle source: http:\/\/www.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/chuzhongzuowen\/czynj\/1Four1Two10FiveFive919198Five87FourTwoThree.htm next page is more exciting 1TwoThreeFourFivenext pageReading “the little match girl” has a sense of

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Reading “childhood” has a sense of

Reading childhood has a feeling that everyone has his own childhood, whether it is happy or boring, it makes us unforgettable all one’s life. Childhood reflects our childhood joys and sorrows, I think so some emotions have long been in our young, pure soul left a deep impression. So, “childhood” in this book, the protagonist of the child’s childhood, and how unforgettable? Read “childhood” is known to all, it reflects the protagonist Alexa after his father’s death, with his mother to live in my grandfather home through the years. When he was young, father left him forever, and had to make him feel lonely and had to have pity. Fortunately, Sandy’s grandmother loved him very much and often told beautiful stories to nurture him. At the same time, he also witnessed two uncles won the family quarrel and fight, infighting manifested in the life of selfishness and greed. The real existence of good and evil, love and hate has long been in his heartFitFlop udsalgLeft a mark on the spirit. Childhood is the beginning of everyone’s long life, and the mind and thought of children are innocent. Ordinary people and things affect children. If you are well affected, it will benefit you throughout your life. ConverselyKids FitFlopIt can make people lose their goals, confused and perplexed. This is like a person doing something, and even if the beginning is not good, then how will the good to continue? Aliocha live in grandmother home into a small social life of citizens, and it is this class of people of the doings. And even disgust. However, the pure and perfect mind of the psyche was not assimilated by these negative attitudes, and always maintained his noble thought. This thought ran through his life and embodied all his inner beauty. This is the case with the childhood of Liao Sha, and he can not help but have a feeling of admiration at the same time. Childhood belongs to you and belongs to me as well. When we feel empty in our hearts, think back to our childhood, and it will purify your soul and make you feel boundless emotion. Article address: http:\/\/www.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/chuzhongzuowen\/czynj\/1Four1Two10FiveFive919FiveFourFour0Five7Two8Three7.htm, the next page is more exciting 1TwoThreeBest price FitFlops saleFourFivenext pageReading “childhood” has a sense of

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Read “from” a sense of Baicao garden to Sanwei

Read “from” a sense of Baicao garden to Sanwei Lu Xun wroteFitFlop kidsThe book has no feelings in many multitude, color, and full of fighting in front of and criticism of the article, I read an article with innocence and happiness — — “from Baicao garden to Sanwei”. It describes Mr Lu Xun in childhood and in Baicao garden fun, sanweishuwu the boring life. In this paper, the author fully depicts BaiCaoYuan fullSandali FitFlopWith unlimited fun, there is “ the green vegetable bed, smooth Shijing bar, tall acacia trees, the purple mulberry leaves; MAEMI in Long Yin, fat wasps couched in the cauliflower, the nimble called the emperor, suddenly from the grass up to the sky, ” this is a children’s Park, a full of vitality. When Mr Lu Xun came to school age, the family sent him to the study. Study is a teacher’s study. In the study, Mr. Lu Xun began the tedious learning career. “ only reading, noon literacy, evening class ” this is Mr. Lu Xun’s study a day. His parents sent him to the most severe in the school, he was never to see the beautiful garden. This one after the contrast is not exist before the phenomenon after derogatory praise. The Baicao garden is, happy, naive, sanweishuwu descriptions of the life is not full of novelty and fun? So, objectively speaking, this article is a youth of love for life, rather than to the enemy’s gunRed FitFlopsDagger. As for the people of the past interpretation of this text, it will be the theme of criticizing the feudal attributed to “ ” saying, it seems far fetched, with the ideology of the tainted glasses “ ”. Mr. Lu Xun, of course, has written many battles and critiques, but that does not mean that Sir’s heart is as cold as a knife, without a trace of warmth and romance. In a word, it gave me so much pleasure that I enjoyed the beautiful and pure childhood of Lu Xun. This article links: http:\/\/www.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/chuzhongzuowen\/czynj\/1Four1Two10FiveFive919Five69ThreeFiveTwo08Two7.htm, the next page is more exciting 1TwoThreeFourFivenext pageRead “from” a sense of Baicao garden to Sanwei

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Dream of YOG
The dream of the Youth Olympic Yuying foreign language school first class H Yang Qiyu looking forward, looking forward to the spring, the Youth Olympic Games approaching. The Two01Four Youth Olympic Games made China the focus of the world, and the Two01Four Youth Olympic Games were a moment of pride and pride for the Chinese people! With excitement, I am looking forward to the arrival of the Youth Olympic games. Ah! This is the dream of the Olympic Sports Center? Looked like a red frame galleon, and swimming pool show ingenuity, like a lie in the river big conch … on the way into the Olympic Sports Center, the roadside trees and flowers to the Olympic Sports Center dressed as a beautiful park, into the heart, find a place to sit down that exciting opening ceremony will begin. First heard the host to start in English translation, then the team each country’s admission: I saw a national team to the stadium to walk slowly, I take a closer look, the original team in our country, the bright five-star red flag, the &mdash team proved to the world; ChineseFitFlop supertone trainersIs the winner of the Youth Olympic Games; wearing a Chinese symbol of color – Chinese red shirt cheerleaders, with graceful dance, exudes an irresistible youth atmosphere, more proof that China is the Youth Olympic GamesFitFlop shoes saleWinner。 Then, the United States, Britain, Brazil and other countries of the team have entered the venue, each into a national team, the country’s people will be issued a shout cheer. After all the national teams entered, the wonderful performance began, and the performers on the stage were superb and impressive. The opening ceremony ended with a show, followed by a fierce competition. First is the swimming competition, I saw our team heard the whistle, although not to rush to the end point, but we won the championship, the Youth Olympic enthusiasm, I desperately cry in the stands above, throat feeling have lost, because we firmly believe that we will eventually win &hellip at this time; I was suddenly awake, mom, oh, this is a dream. Youth Olympic Games in Two01FourFitFlop sko DanmarkSure as brilliant as my dream. Source address: http:\/\/www.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/chuzhongzuowen\/czynj\/1Four1Two10FiveFive919TwoTwo171Four1000.htm next page, more exciting 1TwoThreeFourFivenext pageDream of YOG

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Youth youthful vitality

Soon, we will usher in the Youth Olympic Games, which is not only everyone in Nanjing, but also the pride of every Chinese people. Youth Olympic Games is to let the world’s young athletes gather together, compete with each other, learn from each other, learn a healthy lifestyle, learn the spirit of the Olympic Games, learn from around the world culture. To enhance young people’s awareness of sports and participation, and inspire young people’s awareness of self innovation. And we, the future of the motherland successors, the time of the great years of the young people to actively participate in nature. Work hard to promote a healthy and dynamic atmosphere. Youth Olympic Games, is the public, so everyone is closely related. In order to meet the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, we should pay attention to their own self-cultivation, to develop their own sunshine, healthy, happy young people. The youth has the fire general enthusiasm, the fire general vigor, the fire general vigor. We should keepFitFlop crush Boot BlackWith this enthusiasm, treat everyone, so that they feel the warmth of the spring, should be the vitality of youth, happy to live every day. More should be devoted to life, work, difficulties in the fire. To all over the world to create a youthful vitality, vibrant Nanjing. This old city will be young again, waking up, stretched, jumping, full of youthful beauty. Not only are young people, children, the elderly should join in the activity, in this warm, the vitality, the king, without physical restraint, only the freedom of mind. As long as our hearts are full of vitality, then we are still young, still can enjoy the fire of youth. The Youth Olympic Games not only for young people, as long as you are young and full of vitality of the heart, then no bondage, no fetters, spiritual freedom, you will be free, take off, the young heart can produce vitality, enthusiasm, vitality, light, the most important is that it can be bred and dream. The struggle for the dream heart. As long as the young heart, the Youth Olympic Games is your stage. There is noFitFlop sandaler tilbudA few young hearts. They use the general enthusiasm, vitality, light interpretation of the spirit of the Olympic Games, to complete the dream of the hot surging. Young heart to bloom youth. Blooming youth, vitality youth olympic. Fifty middle class (class 11) Wei YueyuFitFlop sandals saleYouth youthful vitality

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I work for the Youth Olympic and refueling

XX Nanjing’s successful Olympic bid, all Nanjing people are very excited. Blink of an eye, now XX years, from the 2014 Youth Olympic Games will be far? When the first session of the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore ended, told the next Youth Olympic Games will begin. By then, the eyes of the world will gather in Nanjing, people around the world are concerned about Nanjing. Nanjing will show her unique charm as a master, and Nanjing willCheapest FitFlops OnlineWith the most enthusiastic sideFitFlops shoes ukWelcome guests from all over the world to entertain them with the unique culture of Nanjing. To allow foreign guests to feel the warmth of Nanjing, Nanjing has a long history. Language is the bridge of friendship. I was a high school student in 2014. Then I will apply for a Youth Olympic volunteer. If successful. I’m going to talk to the foreign guests from a foreign country. So I have to work hard to learn English, I want to let the foreign guests to see China’s friendship, witnessedAncient Chinese Literature SearchLife style. Nanjing, it has a rich cultural landscape, it has a long history of civilization. Nanjing, Yishanbangshui, numerous monuments, is China’s famous &ldquo &rdquo Six Dynasties;. What’s more, the people of Nanjing have unlimited enthusiasm and always welcome all countries to come. 2014, I can learn English well, then I will smile for the guests to introduce our city. I will introduce them to visit Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum, climb Zijin Mountain, Confucius temple, and the blue waves of Xuanwu Lake. After they introduced to Nanjing special snack: dumplings, boiled silk, Fried Beef Dumpling, duck fans, happiness backhalide dry bean curd, fish, bean shaped element, spiced eggs, boiled salted duck, Steamed Jiaozi, small cakes, plum cake … … there are a lot of delicious snacks in Nanjing, the number of the number is not enough, so to savor, in Confucius temple. I believe that as long as we work together, to the 2014 Youth Olympic Games, our beautiful Nanjing City, days will be more blue, low will be more green, the water must be more clear, flowers will be more brilliant, the air will be moreFitFlop sko udsalgFresh. At that time, we will calmly announce to the world Nanjing quasi \" ready for \" and Nanjing for their own youth Olympic efforts and refueling. I work for the Youth Olympic and refueling

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Nanjing, green Nanjing

THe vitality of tHe YoutH Olympic Games, Nanjing green &mdasH; &mdasH; I’m looking forward to tHe YoutH Olympic Games in 2014, one of tHe exciting figures, witH tHe YoutH Olympic Games approacHing, Nanjing will become tHe master of Hospitality, entHusiasm, sincere reception every stranger to friends, tHink about tHe time is unlimited scenery you look forward to &Hellip &Hellip;; I expect sHe is full of vitality. Vitality, sunsHine, HealtH, is not exactly wHat a teenager exclusiveFitFlop DamenAge 14-18 years old, is tHe youtH blooming period, everyone is full of go, HealtHy and Happy, like a small sun, sHining and colorful ligHt in tHe sports field to play a strong vitality. In tHe game, you are my competitors, and tHe game, and as a familiar friend, very intimately togetHer, laugHter. As tHe YoutH Olympic Games will be wonderful, tHink up! I expect Her to be green. At tHat time, tHe Nanjing fresH air, birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers. THere is no traffic on tHe road, pedestrians go out riding a bike. On tHe street, people do not litter, naturally see wHite small monster “ ”, tHey seemed to feel contempt for tHe eyes from everywHere, leading to lower His exit of Nanjing. THe eartH on tHis day is very clean and fresH, Wanru batH after tHe girls. Sanitation workers are very quiet, smile is on eartH for tHank you, everyone felt tHe sun is particularly brigHt, exceptionally fragrant flowers, birds singing very joyous, yes, wHen a man full of expectation, feel especially good, Her world is tHe most beautiful! I fell on tHe table, continue to look forward to tHe space. Have vitality, green brings a good mood, full of love between people, a love like a bridge, tHrougH tHe closed society deep in tHe mountains, a group of cHildren to tHe New Campus & &Hellip;FitFlops boots saleHFitFlopsEllip, thinking, thinking, I couldn’t help laughing. Look forward to the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing and everything is so beautiful, so that all people yearn for. I believe that the day will not be far away from us. Vitality of the Youth Olympic, youth Nanjing, green Nanjing, you also aspire to it? Chen Xueying day (8) class thirteen in Nanjing City Hongshan campus vitality Nanjing, green Nanjing

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Dynamic Nanjing
Mention Nanjing, you will think he is the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, many people want to have a look, you wondered why this is? For the four seasons here, Yishanbangshui, beautiful scenery, long history of history with the passage of time, the connotation of Nanjing also along with the progress of the times of thermal history ever new. Qin Zhuanhan tile through the mottled, marvel at the willow tree flourishing by divine, rich Chinese, his arms and neighbors for Nanjing. XX Olympic Games held in Beijing, XX in World Expo held in Shanghai, the 2014 Youth Olympic Games held in Nanjing, it will be remembered in people’s hearts, many teenagers in Nanjing, Chinese teenagers with many world youth with home, hold the Youth Olympic youth is a machine in NanjingFitFlop sneakers saleWill, if successful, he was the glory of Jiangsu, radical China glory, he proved Chinese not unexpectedly is a name, but also a period of history, is a legend, he is a representative of theRokkit SupernavyIn a country that is always intoxicating. Youth Olympic Games held in Nanjing, we are willing to have a home for the country, we are more willing to condolences to passers-by, Nanjing should be the most favorable for the people. Nanjing River, Jiangsu on behalf of Hime Kamiya is more like the Pearl Spring, beyond count, Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum, Hongshan zoo &heFitFlop DamenLlip; … can leave a good memory here. If I want to go to the Pearl Spring, I will take the pearl spring beautiful scenery, walking in the rain in the rain the Pearl Spring, pearl like a beautiful little anger, waiting for us to appreciate the beauty of his face, the light drizzle fell on the small pond, alone in the rain, the little drops of water, the leaves and flowers water erosion is safflower is fragility dripping, walking on gravel barefoot, that feeling is called on people comfort in the pearl spring rain the air is fresh, if the mouth breathing, want to be able to put the fatigue of the day and light, full of power, this is a quiet scene light, if you want to play, we Nanjing people are very hospitable people in the heart like a blossoming Austria please shine, a blossoming fireworks, beautiful sister, full of vitality, is the Youth Olympic a dance in our eyes Taiwan, sister vigor is full of vitality, for we had only become youth, let us cheer for the future! Dynamic Nanjing

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Youth Nanjing vitality Youth Olympic
Nanjing is one of the four ancient capitals of China, known as the “ the ancient capital of the ” and “ the &rdquo of the ten dynasties; “ the capital of education, the capital of science and technology, the capital of culture, the capital of art, and the capital of tourism. ” “ five are called ”. Called &ldquo, known as ” Jinling; “ imperial state ” “ ” Scarlett land; “ Tianjing, ” or “ &rdquo, “ Kyoto heaven; heaven ”. Nanjing is a city of forest and landscape into a tourist city, with rich and varied tourismSandalen FitFlopScenic spots and heritage. 2014 a seemingly ordinary numbers, contains Chinese passionately, full of excitement! Perhaps you will ask why, perhaps you will soon think of the answer -Hyka FitFlopYouth Olympic games. I look forward to the Youth Olympic Games is a harmonious event, is a Youth Olympic Games, is an environmental protection. The way the whole street, take on an altogether new aspect, trees. Can not see a garbage, even if it is seen, it will take the initiative to pick up, and then put it into the trash. Pedestrians are walking on the road, private cars gone, no exhaust, the air is very fresh. Youth Olympic Games mascot, Leo and Melly. Leo symbolizes the infinite vitality of static and static, people want to live rich and colorful, full of passion, the pursuit of excellence determination. As an environmentalist, Melly believes that everyone should contribute their strength and work together to create a sustainable future. When the Youth Olympic Games, the Chinese people all over the world are gathered here, with a unique way to express their love and affection for the motherland. In the young people to enhance awareness and sense of participation, can make the relationship between people more harmonious, make life better. As a middle school student, we should act quickly, and the Youth Olympic growth, from now on, starting from their own, with our practical actions to support the Youth Olympic Games, to meet the Youth Olympic Games, participate in the Youth Olympic games.Unique Stylish Rokkit Attractive Unique Deep Fitflop BlueYouth Nanjing vitality Youth Olympic

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Nanjing Youth Olympic GamesSchuhe FitFlopMay 19th, the same day, the second greenFF supertone FitFlopThe 2008 Olympic Games emblem was released in Nanjing. Nanjing Youth Olympic Games emblem in accordance with the requirements and norms of International Olympic Committee, highlighting “ international style, the spirit of the Olympic Games, the atmosphere of the Youth Olympic Games, Nanjing culture ” design concept. The figure is based on the English name and its visual signs. In the year 2014 as the composition of digital transition, highlighting the Nanjing city wall gates and Jiangnan residential profile of the combination of art sketch “ nanjinj” the word meaning, welcome, exchange the gate of youth, a symbol of reunion, Healthy Youth Olympic home. International Olympic Committee: this video address Rogge colorful and rich flavor of the times of the perfect interpretation of the emblem of Nanjing, but also the interpretation of the Chinese. The emblem represents your passion for sports and culture, and the open door symbolizes the warmth and friendliness of the people of Nanjing. China’s long history and bright future has been clearly demonstrated. The release of the emblem will help Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic show its unique charm, the charm of the Youth Olympic Games will be the core of the soul. It shows the vitality of Nanjing and China, which is also the vitality of young people around the world to participate in the 2014 event. It will become a symbol of the vision of the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, its image will remain in all the Youth Olympic event to participate in the memory, so that they will never forget. Above all, the emblem embodies the Olympic values, excellence, friendship and respect. State Sports Minister Liu Peng message: YOG is the world youth sports and cultural education to host a successful event, wonderful successful Youth Olympic Games is not only the ardent desire of people in Nanjing city of Jiangsu Province, is looking forward to the people of the whole country. Emblem embodies the concept of Youth Olympic culture, not only is the image of the Nanjing Youth Olympic brand carrier, but also reflects the cultural connotation of the city. We believe that the Nanjing Youth Olympic emblem as a landmark work, become a member of the Olympic logo highlights the world ripeCHA CHA Blue FitflopKnowledge and bearing in mind. We hope that the transfer of the emblem of the cultural philosophy, in the Youth Olympic Games has been revealed and sublimation in the process of organizing, let the youth of the world to the full enjoyment of the Green Youth Olympic, Youth Olympic vitality, the unique charm of the humanities of the Youth Olympic games. Nanjing Youth Olympic Games

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